INS Awards

The INS Awards Committee was created to recommend current and past INS members to the Board of Governors for the purpose of recognizing outstanding achievement in areas related to neuropsychology and recognizing significant contributions made to the INS.


One of the main purposes of the awards is to recognize the work of colleagues in underrepresented geographical areas. In that sense you can have a key role helping us to see how neuropsychology is developing in your country and region, as well as pointing to individuals that deserve to be recognized for their contribution to that mission. INS Awards can be a powerful tool to boost the development of neuropsychology over the globe.

There are awards for people at different stages of their career and people that have contributed either by mentoring new generations or serving INS.


You can have a look at previous awardees here 


Nominating is extremely easy. Most nominations only require a Nomination Letter, CV and support letters.

Submission deadline is April 10!

Nominations need to be sent to